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Project Description

FtpUploadClient is a smart tool for quickly uploading files to your prefered ftp or cloud based server.

Current (v1.0 Alpha) Main Features

  • Hassle free instant FTP Uploads
  • Upload file by context menu
  • Automatic screenshot upload
  • After upload the file url gets copied to your clipboard

Coming Soon (v1.1 Stable) Main Features

  • Save multiple serversettings
  • Define favourite server
  • Password will be saved encrypted
  • Upload selected files via contextmenu
  • Multiple language support (en / de)
  • Update functionality (manual)
  • Update functionality (automatic)
  • Redesigne the project / use MVVM pattern
  • Stable release
  • Autostart option
  • API for plugins

Future Release(v1.2 Stable) Main Features

  • Themes
  • Option to save files to DropBox (maybe G+ & FB)
  • Hotkeys
  • Special view for multiple fileupload
  • Proxysupport
  • Take screenshot by drawing a square
  • View upload progress in system tray
  • Support french and spanish language


Below some old program impressions







We try to keep the program small and smart. Help us to improve it, your ideas are welcome wlEmoticon-winkingsmile

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